The new Masters Programme in Understanding Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse at Goldsmiths welcomes students from a wide range of disciplines and work places.  The multi-disciplinary learning experience is further enhanced by lecturers from across our department and the wider college.  The student/staff mix means that the course includes perspectives from Psychotherapy, Social Work, Community Studies, Forensic Psychology and the Specialist Violence and Abuse field. We critique current research and practice to ensure that we promote anti-discriminatory approaches and work with a clear aim to address social inequalities.  We explore the factors that lead some men to be at greater risk of using abusive relating styles.

One of the main aims of the MA UDVSA programme is to examine the psychological concept of coercive control in depth.  Coercive control is an abusive behavior that underpins domestic violence and sexual abuse and is part of UK domestic abuse legislation.  It often manifests as a form of grooming – where the target of abuse is first wooed with kindness to create a trusting bond with the abuser.  We explore what motivates people to be coercively controlling and try to find effective ways to detect and record this aspect of abuse.

To apply for the programme:


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